Friday, February 13, 2009

Post One, 2009

This is going to be a totally bimbotic post.

First off, I can't believe that I'm blogging again! Hahahahahaha. Been reading through our posts and realized just how much I actually miss school. Went for Forensics today, we've got finalists/semi-finalists in EVERYTHING. No finalists for Duet Acting and debate is semis tomorrow morning. NAdeBCMW and DT made it to semis for DA! VNYQ made it to finals/semis for THREE events (Awesome!). I wasn't planning to go for finals tomorrow, but my plans got cancelled so I'm going! If you're reading this now, wear RED tomorrow! This is really a bimbotic post, almost everything has CAPS and !!!!!

In college now, which is pretty cool. Doing pure science A-levels. I've got great classmates and fantastic lecturers, it's a really good semester. I'm joining the frisbee club and environmental science club, considering some others too at the moment. Maybe student council?

Are you superstitious? Check out the date. Happy early Valentine's day people!


Friday, September 26, 2008

We still rock

Yo Mel, I think we can win the award for the most frequently updated blog! I mean, 8 posts in 2008 alone? Must be a new record.

Anyway, what I really needed to talk about is the Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd., one of the main main main offenders of the China milk scandal drama. I found this statement on their website:

So far, Yili Group owns 200 quality livestock farms with over 2 million of superior-breed cows under its control, which makes further assurance for the supply of high-quality raw milk.

To strictly monitor the production process, Yili took the lead in creating the all-process, all-directional, and all-staff “Three-A ”quality management system. Meanwhile, Yili also took the lead in the production process to use the international advanced technology of UHT and aseptic filling, to ensure the products safe and healthy.
"..products safe and healthy," MY FOOT LA.

The homepage of the website is dedicated not to their products, but to the enormous amount of profit they gained throughout the years.

Yeah that's all. Oh, I failed my maths extension, just thought you'd like to know.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Think your sister is a pain in the butt??

Meet the Hansel twins, the oldest living co-joined twins in the world! They turn 18 this year!!
They each control one side of their body, but they're able to coordinate so well!!!
Say wow...

From a website:

A set of twins who share the same body have celebrated their 18th birthday in the United States. Abigail and Brittany Hensel from Minnesota are the oldest conjoined twins in the world. The girls, who have two hearts, and two spinal chords, but share the same torso have lived their lives side by side.

The teens who enjoy swimming, playing the piano and recently got their drivers’ licenses said they had no intention of being separated.

The girls have beaten the odds and doctors’ expectations to reach their milestone. It is believed there are only four sets of twins who share the same torso and have survived into adulthood. And they are on track to graduate from university, and hope to have a family of their own one day.

“We want to be mums, but haven’t thought how it would work,” Abigail said. The girls passed their driving exams with two separate licenses and two separate tests. Abigail worked the pedals, and Brittany used the indicators and they both held the steering wheel.

Their parents, nurse Patty, and carpenter Mike 48, decided not to have the twins separated at birth despite the risks. “From the first time we saw them we thought they were beautiful,” she told the Sunday Mirror. -telegraph

Monday, June 9, 2008



My toenail's falling off


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Holidays? What holidays?

I'm coming to the end of my mid year holidays. Just today and tomorrow left and then its back to school. Although of course, I've not actually stopped going to school -.-

Macam biasalah, ELDS practices for this year's Golden Jubilee were held during the school holidays. We weren't the only ones there; ELDSjr, Malay dancers and the school band came back too to practice. The band have a competition on 11th June. They've been camping in school, in the new (air-conditioned) Art Gallery for the past week. They're really a disciplined lot, much more so than us laid-back ELDSers, walking in anytime between 7 and 11, when everyone's supposed to be in the hall by 8. 

Then there was the Commemorative Book to think about. Third dummy done and STILL there's corrections. Its almost unbelievable, the amount of corrections there still are after we've all checked them over and over again.

On Friday last week (30th June), I went for the MELTA spelling competition. Its a team event thing, the Senior team was made up of TSMA, MYW and I. The Junior team consisted of my sister, VNYL and LS. It was pretty simple, all you gotta do for the first three rounds is spell whatever word they throw at you (First round: Any word. Second and third rounds: Choose either topic, Science or Mathematics). The two teams with the highest marks at the end of the third round go through to the fourth round where you spell a word and then construct a sentence using that word. I cheated a bit there: My word was genre and the first sentence that came to mind was "I tried to explain to my friend was 'genre' meant." They accepted it! But then again, they accepted any sentence, even the ones that didn't make sense. Case in point: Some guy said "I like the silhouette of music." Huh? Anyway, both teams won! Each team took home RM500, making it a grand total of RM1000. Not sure how we're splitting the money with school, hopefully its RM100 for each participant and school gets RM400. I think that's pretty fair.

The thing I like about holidays is that I can devour any amount of books I lay my hands on. I practically bulldoze through books. I read: Stardust, Alex Rider: Snakehead (Got both these books from the Popular Bookfest last Saturday), The Nine Lives of Chloe King, a couple of Agatha Christie classics and some others which made good reading material but don't stick in your head. Light stuff, ya know?

Bookfest was really worth it. After reading the reviews on the net, JY, MH and I weren't really expecting much. But when we went there, WOW! The amount of books they had! And the prices of stationery! Normally, for correction tape refill, I pay about 6.90 for two pieces. There, JY and I split a box of ten refills which cost RM19.90. CHEAP RIGHT?!?! There was a Canon exhibition on at the same time, which Fahrenheit (Initial reaction: Who?) supposedly attended but when we left at 3 pm they still hadn't shown up.

Today's the King's birthday. Read: Public Holiday. Also Click Five at Gentings and Roxy Summer Splash at Sunway. My supposed homework day, but hahahahaha, haven't started on it yet. A lot of people's birthdays now, including: CTMC!!! CTMC woke up on 3rd June 2008 to find that she'd somehow turned 17 overnight. Rafael Nadal celebrated his birthday the same day by thrashing Nicolas Almagro at the French Open.

That's basically it for now. Ta then :D


Sunday, May 11, 2008


Forwarded from a friend :-

It takes 150 trees to produce the amount of paper that we use in one exam.

Join us to save the trees.



Of birthdays and jogathons

8th May 2008 was my sister's birthday! I didn't buy her anything, rather I made a banner-esque thing that said HAPPY BIRTHDAY and baked cookies which spelled out HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY NAdeBCMM! Her friends sang Happy Birthday to her FIVE times in school, got her cake and all. Then about 10pm on FlyFM there was this shoutout "Assuntarians and Sri Amanians - You rock! Happy birthday NAdeBCMM!". My grandparents came for dinner and brought all kinds of fantastic food with them - birthday mee, roti jala, curry, chocolate cake and fruit salad.

Today, I went for the World Asthma Day jogathon at 7.30am. Mummy registered me a little late so there weren't enough numbers for my brother, CC, her dad and I. Instead, we got numbers that said VIP :D My number was VIP (3). As we were wearing VIP numbers, we couldn't competitively, we were just running for fun. So I jogged the 5 km in my own sweet time, keeping pace with CC. Took 50 minutes to finish it. Big blisters on my big toes :( The winners of the boys' categories were all timing 17:00 minutes ++ while the girls times about 30:00 minutes ++. After the run, the officials gave me two food coupons so I had double the food portions. Then I dropped my running number into the lucky draw box. I made my brother hang around till lucky draw time at the end of the day. And my number was drawn! !!!!! Not often that I win lucky draws. Anyway, I got two free passes to watch Ironman at Gardens at 12.30 today. I didn't particularly want to go so I gave the tickets to my brother, who couldn't find anyone to go with him.

I should be studying, I'm in the middle of mid-year exams. Physics and Chemistry tomorrow! 

Happy Mothers' Day, all!